Chocolate Diet Pepsi Max Cake

January 12, 2014 · Posted in Diet 

Some cool diet images:

Chocolate Diet Pepsi Max Cake
Image by Plat
Chocolate cake mix, using Pepsi Max instead of the other ingredients required on the box (i.e., no butter, no eggs).

It didn’t rise a whole lot during baking, but it tastes just fine.

Buttercreme chocolate frosting, o’course.

A Diet Coke
Image by un_owen
A nice sunny Friday out for lunch.

A Diet Pepsi Before I Go
Image by Tojosan
For the 365 days group, day 196, and for those about to travel. I’m off to Montreal again till Friday. All the best while I’m gone again.

Oh yeah, I have invites to Joost. Email me if you would like one. I’ll send them all out when I get back. (PS need real email address from you for this to work.)

The Broad Brush

(Todd Jordan)

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